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WeCare Dental is a full service dental office. We offer full range of general, cosmetic and specialty dentistry services for your family oral health needs. We are committed to strive to provide the highest quality of oral health care in a friendly environment with comfort amenities and convenient business hours.

What Makes Us Special

  • Convenience of Extended Hours
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Dental Discount Plan and 0% Interest Financing Options
  • Comfort Amenities to Keep You Relaxed and Comfortable
  • Full In-House Denture Lab
  • Highly Trained Dentists With Full Services

Our list of complete services is supported by our exceptional dental technology and enjoyable comfort amenities like headphones, warm towels, and massage chairs along with our caring dental team to assure your visits are more comfortable and productive. Utilizing the latest dental technology, like digital radiographs and intra-oral cameras, you will appreciate and understand our commitment to your dental health. WeCare Dental's services will keep you and your family smiling.

WeCare Dental is committed the highest standard of quality dental care in a friendly environment. We value our staff and invest in their ongoing continued education and training as technology develops and dentistry advances. Our focus is on our patients and making their experience a pleasant one.

Big Lake, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids Dentist - How Can We Help?

WeCare Dental is a full service practice and we focus on the individualized needs of each patient we see. Our team not only cleans your teeth and provides teeth whitening, we are also able to fix any problems, cosmetic or otherwise. Regular dental exams are the key to a healthy smile and a healthy mouth. Our Big Lake, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids dental staff examines patient's teeth and performs a thorough cleaning during routine yearly or twice yearly visits. X-rays may be taken of the teeth to allow our dentists to examine the teeth for decay.

In some cases, a patient may need to replace a loose or decayed tooth. Dental implants are artificial teeth that replace severely damaged teeth. A patient with a severe case of periodontal disease may require dental implants. Most dental implants consist of a titanium post inserted into the tooth's socket to replace the damaged root. The post is covered with a crown so that it looks like a real tooth.

Crowns and caps can be placed over a broken tooth without the need for a full implant in some cases. So that they look as much like a real tooth as possible, most crowns and caps are made out of porcelain. The porcelain crowns and caps can be colored to closely match the shade of a patient's teeth.

Our offices also provide dental surgery and oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth. Oral surgery is also performed to repair a broken tooth or to remove a thoroughly decayed tooth. During oral surgery, sedation dentistry is used to keep patients calm and comfortable. Most patients feel as if they were asleep during the surgical procedure.

Call to schedule an appointment with our Big Lake, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids dentist today to review all your dental care options and needs.

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